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Размерный ряд: 32-37
Цвета товара: чёрный
Верх: комб. кожа 
Подкладка: нат.кожа 
Количество в коробе: 12

Товар 43 из 120 Все товары данной категории
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Bubbie 02.02.2017 14:01
Tracy- We wouldn&#8217;t be Jewish mom, blogging buds without Twitter (and writing buds too). Yay for procrastination. But seriously, I know the &#8220;butt in chair&#8221; method is the only way. I&#8217;m not up to four pages total. woo-hoo!!! I&#8217;m not being sas8cartic&#a211;I&#8217;m elated about that! And I wrote a few extra lines of the next scene to make it easier to dive in tomorrow. I did that for other two books and I wrote and it helped tremendously.

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